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What we do

We promote initiatives that foster
diversity, inclusion and equity.

We are looking for initiatives, in any part of the world, that promote diversity, inclusion and equity: that fight against racism, foster gender equality, encourage global citizenship, unite and inspire.

We want to be the digital accelerator for all visionary initiatives!

We inspire you to help you take action.

Browse amazing initiatives we’ve curated for you and find the one to take action by using our Take action tool: choose what you want to stand for and your interest, we select initiatives you can make an impact with.

Be inspired and take action! Remove the barriers preventing people from reaching their full potential!

We bring us together to make us stronger.

Diversity.ONE is a movement to create a global social network connecting a community of anti-racists, and diversity and inclusion activists.

Everything is connected and everyone can make a difference. Together we are creating a new world, and this is our story!

Diversity is the power that unites us


Join the movement

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